Experience the great outdoors on a Black Bear, Moose or Whitetail Deer hunt in northern Alberta, Canada.
We do the little things right to make your hunt a great experience. That's why 50-80% of our clients are repeat hunters.
We offer personal guided trophy hunts for bear, moose and whitetail deer with an emphasis on providing you a memorable hunting experience.

North Country Outfitting hunts in northern Alberta which produces some of the finest trophy bear, moose and whitetail deer hunting in all of Canada. The variety and quality of big game is unparalleled! Let us take you to some of Alberta's breathtaking wilderness and farmlands in the sparsely populated boreal forest region. This wetland-rich region provides one of the most productive habitats for birds,mammals and plant species.

Ron and Mae McDonald have two passions: raising bucking horses and hunting. Together with their guides and crew, they commit to upholding the highest standards both in hunting and in ensuring that future generations can enjoy our industry. North Country Outfitting has been in operation since 1996. Ron has guided big game hunts for 20 years. His experience and attention to detail will guarantee that you have a satisfying and successful hunt.

We are located 3 hours northeast of Edmonton, Alberta. Bear and Whitetail Deer hunts are conducted from our lodge. Moose hunts are based in our tent camp. In either location, Mae provides top notch home cooked meals. We take your comfort seriously and will do our utmost to make sure you have a relaxed, no stress hunt.

Come as a client, leave as part of our family!

Alberta is one of the prairie provinces and the fourth largest province in Canada. It covers about the same land area as the state of Texas. Alberta is home to over 3.7 million people most of whom live in the two largest cities, Edmonton and Calgary. Alberta's economy is one of the strongest in Canada, supported by the burgeoning petroleum industry, agriculture and technology. Alberta is the largest producer of conventional crude oil, synthetic crude, natural gas and gas products in the country. Agriculture has a significant position in the province's economy. Alberta is a top producer of wheat, oats, canola and barley. Dairy farms and cattle ranches are numerous in the flat prairie areas and southern foothills. With it's diverse landscape and topography including mountains, foothills, plains, and boreal forest, Alberta offers excellent hunting opportunities for Bear, Moose and Whitetail Deer.

At North Country Outfitting we have secured some of the best hunting areas within the province for each of the species we hunt. We want our hunters to have great hunts, and that starts with doing everything possible to create opportunities for quality trophys!
The Boreal Forest Region comprises 48 percent of Alberta. The Boreal ecosystem is a unique and productive mosaic of interconnected habitats that include forests, lakes, river valleys, wetlands, peat lands and tundra at its northern reaches. The boreal forest shelters more than 85 species of mammals, including some of the largest and most majesticówood bison, elk, moose, woodland caribou, grizzly and black bears, and wolves.
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