At North Country Outfitting Inc. we combine unsurpassed high quality service with a top of the line hunt! We offer both archery and rifle hunts and understand fully what it takes to make your hunt a success.

Black bears inhabit most of Alberta's forested land. They are common in open forests throughout the mixed-wood, foothill, and montane life zones.
Partial clearing of forests for roads, trails and other developments has improved black bear habitat and consequently their numbers have increased in recent years. Since there is little to no local resident hunting for black bears in our hunting areas, there is a high trophy quality with adult males weighing from 100 to 200 kg (220 to 440 lb.) and adult females weighing from 45 to 140 kg (100 to 310 1b.). Many top entries in the Boon and Crockett and the Pope and Young books are harvested in Alberta. Approximately 40% of the bears in our hunting areas are color phase.

North Country Outfitting Inc. specializes in 6 day archery and rifle hunts. All our Bear Hunts are 2 on 1 guided hunts in an area where we own the exclusive bear hunting rights. Alberta has a two bear limit. Our prices include your 2 bear allocations. We have a 150% kill rate with an average size of 61/2 feet. Each year we harvest several bears scoring over 21". We have ladder stands and ground blinds, have 50 baits and use spot and stalk. We activate our baits about 2 weeks prior to our first hunt.

Our Bear Hunts are run from our home where you can expect to be treated like family! Mae will provide you with delicious meals while you experience all the comforts of home including satellite TV, internet service and cell phone coverage. We have a maximum of 8 hunters housed at one time.
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Making Bait
Here is a selection of photos from our recent Bear Hunts. Check out our photos page for more pictures.